About Us

and how we work

This is the part where we're really really honest about who we are and how we work, so you can decide if we're a good fit for you. 

The process is simple:

1) Choose your services, give us much or as little direction as you'd like and we will send an invoice

 2) mail your products to our studio

3) Recieve your content via email within your selected timeframe

We believe in really clear communication and building strong relationships with our clients.  No wasted time requesting quotes, you can find all our pricing information in the 'pricing' tab above. While we are happy to jump on a call or zoom chat when needed, emails will usually suffice. You'll be liaising with Mei; that's me, I'm the owner here at Content Warehouse. I'll be chatting through your brief with you and sending regular emails to keep you updated on where you are in our production schedule. 

Unlike other content agencies who love as much detail as possible in a brief that probably took you a full workday to prepare, we deep-dive into your website and socials to create content that will fit with your overall aesthetic, then we brief YOU on our idea. Already have a brief or perfect vision? Fabulous! Send it our way. We also usually request your brand's demographic information and use our market knowledge to tailor content which our clients say consistently achieves an amazing ROI.

How We Got Here

From 2017 until mid-2020 we were a one-woman show. That's when Instagram introduced reels and TikTok became undeniably prevalent. Clients were requesting video left right and center, so Ian joined the team as our Head of Video. Around the same time, we welcomed Asm, our graphic designer, to take our imagery to the next level. 

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