E-Commerce Images

$35 / Image

Texture Shot $10/image surcharge

A texture shot is an image of the actual product (usually) outside the packaging.

Texture shots work great for most serums, creams etc. Texture shots may not be possible for all products.

Add Ons

PNG (transparent background files) available for a flat rate of $20/image.

All prices in AUD. Packages do not include specific props, locations, non JPEG (including PNG) files or modelling. E-Commerce Packages are delivered within a maximum 6-week turnaround (from date of invoice paid and all product received), although typically less. For photos within 4 weeks, a 50% surcharge will apply. For photos within 2 weeks, a 100% surcharge will apply. For photos within 1 week, a 150% surcharge. For photos within 3 days, 200%. surcharge.