Image Sets

A set is a collection of images with the same or similar products, styling etc. The photographs may be taken from a different angle or with some alterations to lighting etc. While most photographers will select only THEIR favourite photo to edit and provide to you, at Content Warehouse, we will edit a number of images and provide them all to you as part of our service. We refer to this ‘collection’ of images as a ‘set’. 

The Process

After reviewing my rates, please contact me to request your desired service or a custom quote for a specialty order. You can get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page, or by emailing . After I understand your vision, I'll send out an invoice, and my studio address (Newcastle, NSW) for you to post your awesome product to. I usually ask for you to send two of each product, especially if your product is a consumable (e.g. food or cosmetics) - if this will be a problem or you'd like to know more, please ask.



Images are delivered via Google Drive within 6 weeks (express surcharges optional) of date from delivery of all products (and client-supplied props if applicable) and invoice paid. My standard turnaround time is shorter than 6 weeks, but I cannot guarantee images sooner unless a rush fee is paid. I do not offer digital image storage services, and kindly ask that you download all images to your personal computer or hard drive within 2 weeks of receiving them. Images will all be provided on the same date, and I am unable to provide images from the same package in stages. If you require your images delivered across different dates, please purchase separate packages for each delivery required. 



Payment is by Australian Bank Transfer. PayPal payment is available to international customers only. Part payments are not offered. Invoice is due in full before your service can be commenced. All invoices are payable in full once issued. Prices listed are in AUD unless otherwise specified. Prices subject to change without notice. 


Reshoots and Refunds

I honour all your rights as outlined within Australian Consumer Law. In the unlikely event that there is a major error with your images (i.e. products were not shot in groups as requested or a very specific request - for example a specific prop was used in the images which you requested not be used - was unintentionally not honoured) I will quickly reshoot the images at no expense to you. As photography is a creative, and therefore subjective, pursuit, no refunds will be issued. If you are unsatisfied with your images for any reason, I may provide, at my discretion, a small number of re-edits, no more than 10% of the original number of images purchased. Your service is considered booked once the invoice is issued, and I am unable to offer change of mind refunds as I can only take on a limited number of clients per month. 


Product Storage 

After your images are delivered, I am able to store your products in my studio for a maximum of two months, if you have let me know that you would like to order another shoot within that time. If I have not heard from you regarding another shoot, I am able to store the products in my studio for a maximum of two weeks from the date of images delivered. 


Postage and Product Returns

Any postage is at your own risk. You understand that by posting a product for photography, damage may occur during postage or the photography process, and I am not liable for that damage. Most products I shoot, including food items, swimwear, linen, cosmetics, skincare and baby-related items are not eligible for returns, largely due to hygiene concerns. Products not eligible for returns may be donated to a local charity. Please request prior to your shoot if you wish for your product to be discarded and not donated. Please clarify before booking your service if your product is eligible for returns. If you wish for your eligible product to be returned, a service fee of $15 will be added to your invoice, and you must include a return paid Australia Post satchel in your original package. I do not return products via couriers other than Australia Post.